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I refinanced with Lend America and it was the biggest mistake one could make. I was contacted by loan representative named Arsen who assured me that this was the best way to go. It started with my having to close the loan not once but twice. The first time there were numerous mistakes in closing documents the closer found and had to spend time on the phone getting corrected. I thought all was well and the loan would fund. I was contacted my Arsen again and was told some *** excuse that I had to close a second time. Again the closer had to make corrections and I had to print my own closing documents. After the loan funded, I was contacted by my prior lenders that the payoff was not correct and I had to come up with money to pay the difference. This created a hardship for me to say the least. A couple of weeks after the closing I was contacted again by Arsen saying they needed my financials again. I asked to speak to someone else who could better explain as to why they would need information that was given a month before. Since no one called me back I didn't send the same information they already received during the processing of my loan. Several months later, I had financial hardship and requested a modification and this is when the real nightmare begins for me. The Loss Mitigation Department is over loaded with people like me. When I finally was able to speak to someone I was told to contact HUD. I contacted HUD and explained what I was up against and HUD reviewed my financials they said I never qualified for the FHA Loan that I got through Lend America to begin with and felt the loan was fraudulent and they did not follow FHA's guidelines. The HUD representative that I was assigned felt I qualified for FHA's new HAMP Program and he would speak to Geri from Loss Mitigation. I finally was able to get her on the phone and she stated that that program was a last resort for me. I reminded her that she told me I did not qualify for Lend Americas' modification programs so this was in fact a LAST RESORT for me in terms of modifications. I was given two month forbearance and was told I am on her list! I have consulted with a couple of attorneys and was informed Lend America has a bad reputation and is disorganized to say the least. I was also told that if I got a modification through them it would be a miracle and that I would end up in court for a foreclosure hearing in which he would represent me free of charge. Having said all this, I am a single parent who works hard and is not willing to lose everything I worked for. My only hope is to get them to modify my loan since my house is now worth less then the mortgage. SO I REPEAT DO NOT USE LEND AMERICA THERE ARE OTHER REPUTABLE LENDERS OUT THERE AS YOU CAN SEE FROM THE COMPLAINT BOARDS.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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How could Lend America sell an account to GMAC without all the proper paperwork. Would someone please answer this question?

GMAC bought the acct without all the necessary paperwork, then as far as I am concerned GMAC got dooped.

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wow !! sounds like a fun place to work


Does anyone know of a current lawsuit against lend america for their fraudulant practices? If so contact me at:



Lend America Sucks!!!!! I closed with them on Oct 3rd, and as of today they have not paid off my 1st mortgage.

I am 2 payments behind and going into foreclosure.

I have tried MANY times to call them, but either have to leave a message ( that gets ignored), or if I luck up and talk to a real person I am told they will have to look into it and me back (NEVER HAPPENS)... DO NOT USE LEND AMERICA



I am sorry you had such a bad experience KAR13. I almost lost my home thanks to my now ex-husband. I am a single mom with 2 children and working 2 jobs. I HAVE horrible credit because my ex-husband had 3 trucks in both of our name and all were taken from us. Lend America helped me refinance my home into a lower interest rate take 35k out and have a lower payment. I could not be any happier I feel like a huge wait was LIFTED . I could never have qualified with a regular bank

Lend America helps when no one else can and that is the fact.


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